My Mission

Lori Collins, Principal
Collins Climate Consulting

The mission of Collins Climate Consulting is to help companies meet the challenges of climate change to gain competitive advantage and meet stakeholder expectations.

Climate change is a global issue that brought together 195 nations in 2015 to sign the COP21 Paris Agreement for collective action. The Agreement set a global climate target and was the culmination of individual national commitments.

The business community was not a party to the Agreement, even though the private sector has much to gain from climate action, and the tools to address climate change beyond governmental efforts.

Businesses can take climate action in ways that protect individual business profits while addressing broader needs of the global community. New “science-based targets” have been developed that allow companies to tie their climate efforts to global objectives, while pursuing the targets with their own individual strategies. Science-based targets are new, but early adopters are embracing them for competitive advantage.

I can help companies meet the challenge of climate change in these ways:

  1. Strategy – engage your executives and stakeholders to identify opportunities and risks to your core business related to climate change, and build plans to address.
  2. Innovation – identify new products, services, technology, operational efficiencies and markets that take advantage of changes related to climate action.
  3. Investors – gain understanding of shareholder expectations for recognizing and disclosing climate-related risks and opportunities for your business.

If you are want to learn more, please contact me at today.

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