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How to Make a Difference and Get Results

Best known as Europe’s answer to the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times has published their Guide to Management in conjunction with the Chartered Management Institute in London.  Lucky to know the author Ann Francke, I got the chance to provide my own … Continue reading

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Common Sense for Founders – Part One

Call me a nudge but some things I see Founders do (or not do) defy common sense.  So here I go – the first 6 pieces of my mind: When you get a meeting, move a mountain to meet in … Continue reading

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Why Techies Need a Business Partner

Last week I had two very different conversations with two very similar companies. Both had technical founders in the same general industry, but one founder had managed to recruit a team including a former McKinsey consultant, an investment banker and … Continue reading

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6 Questions from the Startup Judges

Between judging for  Startup Weekend, the Innovation Fund North Carolina, UltraLight Startups Future Energy and the Charlotte Venture Challenge I’ve heard over 50 pitches last year including those at the Charlotte Angel Fund.  Based on actual mistakes I heard in these pitches, here are 6 … Continue reading

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10 Changes Happening In the Startup Environment

The landscape for startup ventures is rapidly changing according to Paul Singh, former Entrepreneur in Residence at the White House and partner at 500 Startups. Singh spoke at the dynamic International Startup Festival in Montreal a few years ago, and on … Continue reading

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Passion is the Fuel for Greatness

Cal Newport denounces passion as a dangerous career guidepost in his book So Good They Can’t Ignore You. But he agrees with Malcolm Gladwell that mastery is what separates the average achiever from the stratospheric one.  In his book Outliers, Gladwell makes … Continue reading

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Passion is Over-Rated

Your passion is a pipe dream. Best focus on your abilities. So goes the advice of Cal Newport, author of So Good They Can’t Ignore You. Taking a contrarian view of the popular mantra to “follow your passion,” Newport pans … Continue reading

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What a Dancer Can Teach a Startup

Dwight Rhoden is a dancer, choreographer and business owner. When he creates a new piece for his company in New York, he wants to showcase his creativity and his dancers. He also wants to sell tickets. Dance is his livelihood and the … Continue reading

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Six Secrets to Safety When Going Out on a Limb

A few years ago when April Whitlock set out to raise money for her startup, I sat down to interview her on navigating new ventures. April and I worked together at LendingTree, where she was always forging the next trail.  … Continue reading

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What a Farmer Can Teach a StartUp

My grandfather Brooks Turner was a tobacco farmer and businessman in Eastern North Carolina. He never drew a regular paycheck until his social security kicked in, a good 50 years into his career.  Over the years he built numerous businesses, … Continue reading

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