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Top 5 Takeaways from Climate Week

It was not business as usual last week in New York City. My ride in from LaGuardia took 2 hours and streets were blocked throughout the city for global diplomats attending the UN General Assembly. Climate Week was just a part … Continue reading

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What’s your carbon karma?

Everyone knows their credit score, right?  Companies like Credit Karma and LendingTree have popularized the mundane metric, making it mainstream for most Americans. In fact, according to iSpot.TV, Credit Karma has aired 13,299 ads in just the last 30 days! … Continue reading

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Are investors calling the shots on climate?

When I did my case study research on why Fortune 500 companies set climate targets, the feedback I heard was counter-intuitive. I was told investors were not an influence on environmental goals – that would be micromanaging. I heard that … Continue reading

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On Courting Startup Advisers

Most entrepreneurs are well aware of the benefits of courting and engaging strong business and technical advisers. Then why is it that founders often fail to attract the best talent for their outside team? Often short-sightedness and lack of willingness … Continue reading

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Hugh McColl on Leadership – 9 Nuggets

Hugh McColl has been speaking on leadership for over 40 years, and it never gets old.  A few years ago he spoke at the Entrepreneurial Leadership Circle at Queens University, which hosted an evening with Mr. McColl, former CEO of Bank of America. His … Continue reading

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Mentoring Tips for Businesswomen

A few years ago I had the pleasure to meet a huge crowd of women and fellow mentors for the Charlotte Business Journal’s first BizWomen Mentoring Monday.  Along with 9,000 women in 40 other cities, more than 300 women in Charlotte … Continue reading

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Need to grow your business? Think like an artist.

According to a survey of CEOs*, creativity is the most important leadership quality for success in business.  Whether you are stuck on how to get your product distributed, attract investors, tell your story or fend off encroaching competition, a little … Continue reading

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Winning Despite Obstacles

Our stock price was down to $1.75 from $22.  We were in a Smart Money magazine fold-out as one of the internet companies closest to the sun – flaming out. Customers were getting skittish about buying our leads. Barrons said we … Continue reading

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Common Sense for Founders – Part Two

Business is about dealing with people, so developing a few soft skills to complement your technical expertise comes in handy when starting a company.  Here is a little common sense for the road: Pick up the phone.  All the interpretation, … Continue reading

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How to Make a Difference and Get Results

Best known as Europe’s answer to the Wall Street Journal, the Financial Times has published their Guide to Management in conjunction with the Chartered Management Institute in London.  Lucky to know the author Ann Francke, I got the chance to provide my own … Continue reading

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